At Peddycord Law, our success is driven by your success. To grow your business, essential contracts need to be timely negotiated and signed. As much as you want to close the deal, you also need to avoid jeopardizing your entire business on one contract. A synergy needs to exist between attorney and client to know the right balance for you. That is why long-term relationships are important with clients that begin with the initial meeting.

1. Initial Meeting.

The first consultation with each new client is without charge. This is an important time to get to know each other and to decide whether we will be comfortable working together. You should be open and honest so the firm can fully understand your goals, timing, and concerns. Emailing contracts and details ahead of time will help make our meeting productive.

2. Getting to Know Your Business.

Businesses evolve – your customers change, the size of your deals change, and your risk tolerances change. In order to draft, revise and negotiate contracts, it is imperative to know your short-term and long-term goals. Are you looking to acquire assets from a competitor, develop a new product, or enter a different sales channel? This information allows the firm to adapt to your shifting needs, making both of us more productive.

3. Risk/Reward.

There is an element of risk/reward in every contract. You may be willing to indemnify or accept a higher liability risk for an important customer, but prefer to limit your liability exposure for smaller customers. Each contract should be considered independently and as part of a bigger picture. Peddycord Law can help you to understand and balance the legal risks with the business rewards.

4. Collaboration.

You know your business better than anyone. If you help the firm understand your business, and the attorney helps you to understand the risks and alternatives available under business law, we can collaborate to grow your business while lowering your risks. This also enables the firm to anticipate your future needs and adapt revisions of your contracts accordingly.

5. Long Term Relationship.

The time and effort spent with Peddycord Law up front pays off. The firm is more efficient, and the attorney learns how to work with you and your team more effectively. This can mean you spend less time on legal matters and more time growing your business.

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