What is the best way to connect? You can email, call, or fill out the Contact Us form. Once we connect, it helps for me to have a high-level description of your needs so I can be sure I think I can help. If so, I prefer to schedule an in-person meeting to dive into specifics. I know this is a bit “old school” but it is the best way to ensure both of us are comfortable working together. If meeting in person is impractical, then we can meet over Zoom/Teams or schedule a phone call. I do not charge for my initial consultations.

What information should I send to you before we meet? As a general rule, the more information you provide me upfront, the more valuable I will be to you. Information you send will be protected by the attorney-client privilege.

What does an initial meeting look like? During our meeting, we will go over the information you send ahead of time and discuss any other matters you may want to. Assuming we both are comfortable moving forward, I will email you my fee agreement. Once I receive a signed copy, we can begin working together.

How much will [fill in the blank] cost? I hate this question as much as you hate the answer – it depends. There are always a lot of variables, including those outside of your control and my control. I know how frustrating that can be when you pay someone by the hour. I am happyy to provide estimates before beginning work. I can work within budgets (monthly or project-based) and I offer fixed fee, limited scope, and subscription-based services.

What do you value most as an attorney? Relationships, ethics, and reasonableness.

What type of client do you work with? The majority of my clients are small businesses with revenues between $1m and $25m but I have clients that fall on both sides of that range. My clients span a wide range of industries, but most have a connection to technology. I also work with content creators, influencers, and individuals.

What is your response time? I try to answer emails within a few hours, or at least acknowledge receipt. I turn around most projects within 2-5 days but that varies with the complexity, time of year, and how busy I am.

I want to buy/sell my business. How long will it take? There are usually a lot of contracts involved when buying or selling a business. Most acquisitions I handle take 2-3 months from the date both parties commit to getting something done.

Do you use words like “whereas” “notwithstanding” and “heretofore”? No. I do my best to draft and explain legal concepts in plain English so that a reasonable person can understand what the meaning or intent is.

Why should I work with you? Resources are abundant. We live in a world of LegalZoom, AI, Google, and that form that your neighbor’s friend’s sister’s aunt drafted (but I think she was an attorney?!). I am a solo attorney by choice. I love what I do and I would choose the same career path over and over again. I am passionate, work hard, and will be an advocate for your business.

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