Areas of Practice

With over 20 years of business experience and over 7 years practicing as an attorney, attorney Shawn Peddycord works with firm clients on a wide range of business matters. From no-tech to high-tech, startups to mature companies, and locals to multinationals, Peddycord Law facilitates contracts for intellectual property transactions, acquisitions, strategic alliances, cyberspace transactions, supply and distribution, business formations, and other business solutions.

Business Contracts

Well-drafted business contracts make up the heart of Peddycord Law’s practice. With some exceptions, contracts should not be boilerplate or static. They should be crafted to fit each client’s unique business needs, and they should evolve as technology, legal rules, negotiating power, economies of scale, and other business influences evolve.

Peddycord Law has drafted a full range of business contracts at all stages of the business lifecycle. Examples include:

  •    Master Service Agreements
  •    Software-as-a-Service and other Cloud Service Agreements
  •    License Agreements
  •    Nondisclosure Agreements
  •    Reseller, Distribution, Manufacturing, and Sales Representative Agreements
  •    Development Agreements
  •    Strategic Alliance Agreements
  •    Operating Agreements
  •    Restructuring Agreements
  •    Commercial Leases
  •    Subscription Agreements
  •    Executive Employment Agreements
  •    Consulting Agreements

Outside General Counsel

Running a business can be lonely. Some matters cannot be shared within an organization with people who might normally participate in the decision-making process. Acting as outside general counsel, and with a strong understanding of each client’s business, attorney Shawn Peddycord is available as a trusted business advisor. Under professional rules of confidentiality, any problems and creative solutions can be freely discussed. Clients are encouraged to reach out for any reason, including referrals to other professionals.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

Whether selling or acquiring a business, Peddycord Law can be a valuable part of the team. Peddycord Law can provide guidance and insight throughout the due diligence, contracting, and implementation processes for an acquisition or sale. Whether drafting, reviewing or negotiating letters of intent, purchase agreements, bills of sale, assignments, non-competes, and other ancillary agreements, the experience and expertise of Peddycord Law can help ease a transaction to the final signatures and beyond.

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As a San Diego native, attorney Shawn Peddycord lives and works in North County San Diego. Graduating from California Western School of Law, Shawn was admitted to practice law… Read More


“Since our incorporation Shawn Peddycord has provided BeanStock Ventures with legal and contractual guidance, as well as all the legal templates we need to conduct business legally and professionally.”
– Shawnnah Monterrey, CEO and Eileen Heller, Vice President of Operations

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